About Us

Hestia Clinical is a certified healthcare training provider in the UK, specialising in vaccination training. Our courses are designed and delivered by experienced healthcare professionals nationwide. As a doctor-led organisation with a passion for teaching, we pride ourselves in delivering innovative courses that meet the individual clinical needs of our customers.


Our values are at the core of everything we do.


We set ourselves the highest standards and continuously adapt to improve best practice.


We value the diversity and needs of everyone. 


We are dedicated to supporting you whenever you need us. 


Dr. Rauof Ahmed

Chief Executive Officer
Plastic Surgeon

“I am responsible for the strategic leadership of the company, whilst supporting my team to deliver innovative and enjoyable courses”

Mo Ahmed

Chief Operating Officer
Senior Clinical Pharmacist

“With a passion for business, healthcare and education, I am responsible for developing and delivering the business strategy alongside Dr R. Ahmed”

Vivek Patel

Head of Clinical Training

“I am responsible for recruiting and training healthcare professionals.    I also assist in the development of our clinical courses and ensure compliance to standards and regulations”

Marie-Emmanuel Kouassi

Head of Marketing

“Given my extensive background in business development and my passion for social media, my main responsibility is leading on Hestia Clinical’s marketing strategy”


Each face-to-face training course is limited to 12 spaces. This is to ensure every participant achieves the skills and knowledge required to vaccinate.

Yes. After completing the face-to-face vaccination course, you would have obtained the skills and knowledge required to provide the Flu Vaccination Service. You will need legal authorisation through a PGD to do so. This is often provided by the Pharmacy. 

NHS England and NHS Improvement (NHSE&I) has determined that pharmacists providing the Flu Vaccination Service need to attend face-to-face training for both injection technique and basic life support (including administration of adrenaline) at least every three years.

Pharmacists are also expected to undertake annual update training each year, to ensure their knowledge stays up to date with changes in practice and guidance. This can be in the form of online learning.

  • Cancelling more than 10 days prior to the face-to face vaccination course = Full refund
  • Cancelling between 5-9 days prior to the face-to face vaccination course = 50% refund 
  • Cancelling 4 days or less prior to the to the face-to face vaccination course = No refund  

Of course. All our venues meet the requirements set out by the Equality Act 2010.

If spaces are available, Hestia Clinical are happy to accommodate such requests. Please contact us via email or telephone to arrange a change in booking date.